Here’s what I think of your “apology” letter, Choice Hotels. Since I now have ZERO hope of getting my full $114 refund (but hey, thanks for the $30 check that should get here in 6-10 weeks) it’s time to tell the story of what happened at Otakon, specifically what I had to deal with at the Quality Inn Downtown Baltimore.

I will never stay at a Quality Inn, or any Choice Hotel again. The Night Manager working at this hotel, Darell Lucus, made me feel unsafe, unwelcome, and was the most unprofessional person ive ever had the displeasure to work with. 

Upon arriving we were informed that there were zero luggage carts for all of our things, because they didn’t know where they were, a guest had taken the only ONE they had and when I asked when it was coming back I got a shrug. After that I checked us in and my friends who were helping us carry our things before going to their own hotel headed up with the key. I had called ahead asking about parking a few months back, and was told I could find parking in the city for $60 for the entire time we would be there (five days). Darell then informed me that there was NO WHERE to park for that much and the only place was the $25 a day lot next door (which proves to be very untrue as I found later when I parked for $10 a day). I told him that ive parked in larger cities like Chicago and New York (Alex LIVES IN THE CITY THERE, SHE GOES TO NYU) for less money than that, and he said “you clearly have never parked in those cities before.” This man is calling me a straight up liar and telling me that I am WRONG in my personal experiences.

Well I head up to the room, which is supposed to be non-smoking, and it REEKS of marijuana. Not only that, but it’s TINY. We were promised my booking.com a much larger room, and this is the size of my closet. Not as promised at all. I come downstairs and tell him, and he heads up to the room. He then accuses two of the people in our party who were carrying our things up of staying in the room as well (they politely tell him that they’re simply helping us carry or things since there are NO LUGGAGE CARTS) and then says he’ll have to “check up on us later” to make sure there’s only two in the room like we booked. I don’t know what that means, as he shouldn’t be allowed to check up on ANYTHING when we have a Do Not Disturb sign up. At this point i’m getting major red flags at what this guy’s intentions are or what he plans to do, especially if he comes randomly into the room, which is what he appears to be saying he plans to do.

He then comes downstairs and gets in my face about how i’m “trying to defame” the hotel by stating that I think it smells like marijuana “in front of anyone who can hear.” It’s 12 at night. There is not a soul in this lobby to hear me. Not a single person. He is not across the desk like he should be, he is in my face far too close for comfort. He is within a foot from me and I am not comfortable. He then says “you CLEARLY don’t know what marijuana smells like” which is, again, him calling me a liar. I go to Florida State University. Trust me, you smell pot just walking around that campus at any given point. I know what it smells like. This man does not know me life and it’s frustrating and pissing me off that he thinks he does. He is angry at this point, like i’m accusing him of personally ripping a bong in the room before we showed up or something. He then says it’s their room deodorizer and not marijuana, and he’s so hostile at this point I apologize, ME, THE CUSTOMER, APOLOGIZES TO THIS MAN, just to get him to calm the hell down.

One of the people in our party has breathing problems. The stench of that “room deodorizer” was so powerful she couldn’t even breath. So finally, after being given a different room than promised, bring harassed, having my personal space violated, being threatened, and unable to stay in the room for health reasons, we check out, and I am charged the $114 for my first night’s stay because of the “cancelation fee” and, in the words of that ass of a Night Manager, “you put your stuff on the bed.” Then we are left in an unfamiliar city trying to find a place to stay the night. We manage to find another place to stay and don’t go back.

Ive tried to talk to booking.com but they tell me since I didn’t pay them, it’s not their place to refund my money. Choice Hotels and that Quality Inn have refused to refund my money on multiple occasions and no action has been taken against this hotel or the night manager. Even the regular general manager seems to not care. The first person I talked to with Choice Hotels says my refund should fall under “Customer Dissatisfaction” and not cancelation but the three times I have asked the manager for a refund (because it’s the hotel and not the companies job to do that apparently) I have gotten a “no” in response. Currently, I have a check coming to me (in 6-10 weeks) from Choice Hotels for $30 to help settle this, which is no where near the money I had to spent being talked down to by this rude Night Manager. I went through hell after a 17 hour drive from Orlando, Florida, and I will never bother with Choice Hotels and ESPECIALLY this Quality Inn again. I encourage no one else to stay at the Quality Inn Downtown Baltimore either.

Hi, I can validate all of this because I was in the party of people this happened to. List of things I am never doing again: this.

I reblog calling on Tumblr’s power and their unmitigated hatred for this sort of bullshit happening 

Go forth young bloggers

spread the word of this bullshit hotel far and wide 

Do you worst

I have faith in you all

Posted on August/28/2012
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